Python classes in Wakad, Pune

Who can learn Python?

In short anyone....

  • Automation Engineers
  • Data analysts and scientist
  • Quality Analysts
  • System Administrator
  • Web Developers
  • Networking Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Hadoop programmers
  • Desktop Applications
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Hardware level developers
  • And Many Many More …
  • Prerequisites for this course: Familiarity with the Python programming language Basic understanding of statistics, probability and linear algebra.

  • Course Duration: Instructor lead: 60 hours + Practical’s


  • Why Python and where to use it?
  • What is Python and history of Python?
  • Discussion about Python 2 and Python 3
  • Set up Python environment for development
  • Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm and Enthought Canopy
  • Unique features of Python
  • Discussion about unique feature of Python
  • Write first Python Program
  • Start programming on interactive shell.
  • Using Variables, Keywords,
  • Taking Built-in Functions help,
  • Strings, Different Literals,
  • Math Operators and Expressions,
  • Writing to the Screen, String Formatting, Command Line Parameters
  • Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation
  • Comments and document interlude in Python
  • Discussion about installed module s and packages
  • Various python built in functions and Getting User Input
  • What are variables?
  • Python Data Types
  • Python Core objects and Functions
  • Number, String, List, Dictionaries, Tuple, set, generator, file etc
  • Built in modules (Library Functions)
  • Number and Math’s, datetime and zip modules
  • Condition statements in Python
  • Loops and statement in Python
  • Python Decorators and Generator
  • Python Modules & Packages
  • Python Files and Directories manipulations
  • Read, write and append files using file objects
  • Use various files and directory functions for OS operations
  • Access Number/String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
  • Complex Data structures in Python
  • Arbitrary data types and their Data Structure
  • Python built in function
  • Python user defined functions
  • Python packages functions
  • Defining and calling Function
  • The anonymous Functions - Lambda Functions

  • Object oriented features
  • Understand real world examples on OOP
  • Implement Object oriented with Python
  • Creating Classes and Objects, Destroying Objects
  • Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Overriding Methods, Data Hiding
  • Overloading Operators
  • Python Exceptions Handling
  • What is Exception?
  • Handling various exceptions using try....except...else
  • Try-finally clause
  • Argument of an Exception and create self exception class
  • Python Standard Exceptions
  • Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
  • Debug Python programs using pdb debugger
  • Pycharm Debugger
  • Assert statement for debugging
  • Testing with Python using UnitTest Framework
  • Project Skelton and using Nose framework.
  • Creating a Database with SQLite 3,
  • CRUD Operations,
  • Creating a Database Object.
  • Python MySQL Database Access
  • DML and DDL Operations with Databases
  • Performing Transactions
  • Handling Database Errors
  • Disconnecting Database
  • What are regular expressions?
  • The match and search Function
  • Compile and matching
  • Matching vs searching
  • Search and Replace feature using RE
  • Extended Regular Expressions
  • Wildcard characters and work with them
  • What is pip, easy_install and Pycharm?
  • Set up the environment to install packages?
  • Install packages for XLS interface and XLS parsing with Python
  • Create XLS reports with Python
  • Introduction to web scraping and beautiful soup
  • Introduction to Python Pandas
  • Creating Data Frames,
  • Grouping, Sorting
  • Plotting Data
  • Data analysis with data set
  • Practical use case using data analyze

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